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Working groups

The Executive Board has created six Working Groups to deal with energy market – related issues:

1. Renewable, Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency Team deals with issues related to trading energy generated in renewable energy sources (RES) and cogeneration, including trade in property rights resulting from certificates of origin for energy from RES and cogeneration, and, since 2007, issues related to the implementation of the Act on Efficiency.

The Team consists of:
– Group for Prosumers and Energy Cooperatives
– Group for Standardisation of Contracts with RES Generators

2. The Retail Market Team deals with topics and issues related to the sale of electricity to end customers in the so-called retail market, including general distribution agreements and  end-user electricity supply contracts,  standardisation of the change of supplier procedure, code of good practice.

The Team consists of the following Task Groups:
– Contracts Group
– Customer Verification System Group
– Finance Group
– Information Campaign Group
– Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE) (ebiX) Group
– Customer Service Group
– DSR Group

3. The Wholesale Market Team deals with topics and issues related to the wholesale power market, with particular emphasis on the role of the power exchange, exchange based and bilateral forward markets, balancing market and the changes affecting the set-up of the wholesale market, including the capacity market. 

The Team consists of the following Task Groups:
– Financial Regulation Group
– Cross-border Trading Group
– Deposit Optimisation Group
– Secondary Capacity Market Group
– Licence Group

4. The Gas Wholesale Market Group established in 2012, with a mandate to actively, knowledgeably and comprehensively participate in the emerging gas market in Poland by participating in the development, reviewing and implementation of the legal, regulatory and business infrastructure of the market. 

The Group consists of the following Task Groups:
– EFET Group
– Formal-Legal Regulations Changes Group
– Balancing Group
– LNG and Storage Group

5. The Market Development and European Conditions Team established in 2015, deals with European legislation, monitoring of regulatory processes at EC, ACER, ENTSOE and new initiatives in PL and EU.

6. The TOE Report Team since 2009, the team has been in charge of preparing an  annual TOE report on the Polish electricity market.